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I hope your new year is going according to plan and not too many resolutions have been broken.  Have made some more progress with the site, new pages in the webmeister section and have gone over the other pages, finding and rectifying errors and generally tidying up.

This years reunion?  last Saturday in September at The George sound ok? good, glad you all agree, See you all there.


I hope everyone enjoyed the festivities, albeit without the hangovers which I had to endure.

Well here it is, The result of quite a few hours work. I hope you are all happy with the revamped site.

Content is much the same as before as new material is scarce.

Also I have reinstated the webmeister pages. My ego felt a bit bruised by their removal.

A Happy New Year to you all






Have solved the video problem, I have adopted the belt and braces approach.

After scouring the web for html code, I have managed to find some which will make Windows Media Player work with dropdown menus in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. I have kept the DivX player for those that prefer it and I have left the videos on YouTube and kept the links.  Should be enough to keep everybody happy, so, now it's back to sleep. Would someone be kind enough to wake me up in 2012, preferably April or May.  G'night


Hi Everyone, I'm not dead, just been hibernating.

I was woken up by an old boy informing me the videos didn't work. I did a bit of investigation and sure enough there is a bit of a software issue (more info on the "Plaza" page). I am going to have to get my thinking cap on to resolve the problem. In the meantime, I have provided links for you to download the videos and watch them on whatever player you use.

Also, I have put all of them on YouTube and you can find them using the links provided........Happy viewing.

Had a bit of a clearout to save space and have ditched the Webmeister pages. They were all a bit self indulgent and who cares anyway.

Thanks to Al for the donation........much appreciated mate.

Just in case I fall back to sleep again, I'll take this opportunity to wish you all . . . .



A Very Happy Christmas and A Prosperous New Year


See you next September