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Welcome To The Stinsford School Home Page


From 1963 to 1985 this was a boys boarding school near Dorchester, in the heart of rural Dorset.  This site is for all old boys, staff and anyone who has fond memories of the school.





"Oddly enough, Stinsford House which overlooks the churchyard on the opposite side from the Vicarage, is now a special school for boys in need of extra care and understanding, and I would say a very successful one.  I met some of the pupils while I was engaged in following the river, their manners were delightful and their enthusiasm unselfconscious.  The school is fortunate in its settings which could hardly be lovelier.  The beautiful grounds slope down to the stream, there are fine trees and a long avenue of beeches to the front approach.  The house itself is not very old, except for the parts nearest the church which have stone tiling to the roof edge still, and a large open fireplace in what was the bake-house-cum-dining hall.  Other portions have been altered piecemeal during the last hundred years or so.  Once the scene and centre of a large sporting estate it might now be said to have come down in the world, but in helping boys from broken homes to readjust themselves while at the same time they are being educated, it is being put to very good use."

Extract from

Hardy's River by Monica Hutchins (1967)




I have been asked to remind visitors to Stinsford that the house is now a residential building.  What used to be our home is now somebody else's and please could it be treated accordingly.  Thank you.


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